Michigan Lawyers

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In a civil society, the ability of the legislature to enact laws, the freedom of citizens to settle their grievances in court and the state infrastructure to enforce the law determines the maturity of the society. There are two types of laws: civil and criminal. Civil laws are to protect the rights of the citizens in various walks of life, while criminal laws are to protect citizens from the bad behavior of other citizens.

There are many laws and statutes, and they can be very complex. Therefore, citizens who wish to go to court often have to hire a lawyer with expert knowledge of the laws. Legal services are required to help a citizen understand the implication of a law and interpret the relevant laws in case of any action.

In the US, the federal government enacts certain laws, while state governments enact others. There are instances where a Supreme Court ruling is negated by state governments, and some laws which are applicable only in certain states.

In Michigan, the state legislature enacts laws to govern and protect the rights of citizens, corporations and non-government organizations. There are corporate laws, divorce laws, real estate laws, personal injury laws and malpractice laws. There are criminal laws to bring to trial murderers, thieves and other dangerous persons.

In Michigan, lawyers are licensed by the state to practice, and are associated with the state bar of Michigan. To locate a lawyer in Michigan, the state Bar Association can help. In addition, there are websites that locate law firms. These lawyers specialize in a particular field of law and their credentials can be obtained from the state Bar.


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